Social Media Publishing and Monitoring – regardless of administrative rights

seReive in principle is a website from which you can control a large number of social media platforms, without constantly having to log in and out.

seReive serves as a publishing and a monitoring tool.

Information may be published simultaneously or sequentially to as many social media walls as you like. You can also formulate messages very easily network or target group specifically.

With seReive you can also post on walls, for which you do not have administrator rights; for example, on pages whose fan you are, or on the Facebook wall of a partner.

If there are reactions, seReive will inform you via email. This also works regardless of administrative rights. For example, on Facebook pages of your competition, which are easily to monitor this way. Or on your partner’s Facebook wall, so you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore in the evening when he or she comes home, asks if you saw what was going on there, and you have to admit that you’ve missed it…

seReive works completely independent of the operating system and on each computer, tablet and smartphone, exactly the same. Because of this it kind of fits into your pocket, which is why we call it the „Swiss army knife“ for social media marketing.

For companies we offer so-called white label versions. This allows them to publish their brand embedded in every post (branded social media marketing).

Check it out! The wide range of benefits that seReive offers, can best be understood by using the application.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the app:
  2. Register
    1. Choose a username (hint: as short as possible)
    2. Come up with a  password and fill it in
    3. Fill in your e-mail address. Hint: an address which you always have access to. And make sure you don’t have a typo in the address
    4. Choose English as your language (click on scroll down menu to do this; default setting is „Deutsch“)
    5. Read and accept License Agreement
    6. Register
    7. Check your email for the confirmation with confirmation link, log in
  3. Set up social media accounts
    1. After logging in, you find yourself in the  „Social Media Settings“ panel
    2. Now you can add  your social media accounts that you want to use, one by one:
      1. Click on „New Social network“
      2. Select the platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, mySpace,, WordPress)
      3. Enter an appropriate name of your choice
      4. If you add an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace, you do not have to type your username and password. Instead, you have to authorise seReive to post on these accounts. In the settings panel click on „Click here for (network) authorization“ and follow the instructions.
      5. For the other networks you need to type username and password and then click on «Add»
  4. Add Facebook walls of friends, pages and groups: on Facebook you can also post on the status walls of friends, pages and groups, even if you have no admin rights for them. For this you add the various walls to your settings now:
    1. Under  your Facebook account name click on „Add page, group or friend“. A scroll-down menu will show up then. Click on this.
    2. You will now see four lists:
      1. All pages, that you are an administrator of („Facebook Wall Admin“)
      2. Your Groups
      3. Your friends
      4. All pages that you „like“ („Facebook Likes“)
    3. Choose the ones you want to add for posts via seReive by clicking each time on the „add page, group or friend“ button. Repeat the process until all walls have been added.
    4. Get the freedom to freely chose who is a post’s author: When you add a page that you are an administrator of, from the Admin list and a second time from the Likes list, you can later choose in the send panel, whether the message will be posted as from the page or as being published by you personally. This is very handy if you use seReive as a team and each team member has added their own Facebook account.
  5. Add LinkedIn groups
  6. Enable notifications: For every wall, which you have added, you can adjust how often you want to be notified by email when someone responds to your posts (rikes, comments, retweets, mentions, etc.)
    1. To do this go to the wall
    2. Choose how often you want to be notified (depending on the subscription plan, there are different options)
    3. Monitor your competitors: notifications can even be set up for Facebook pages, where you are neither owner nor administrator, eg. those of your competition. is the only tool that can handle this. (You first have to click the like-button on the competitor’s page before you can add them to
    4. Don’t miss anything: be notified when something is happening on Facebook pages of people that are  important to you. So you will always be informed. This is especially handy for your partner’s page. It won’t happen anymore that she or he comes home, asks you „Did you see what happened on my Facebook today?“ and you have to say „No, I didn’t find the time…“
  7. Groups: Once you have added a large number of walls, you can organize them into groups, which is extremely handy
    1. Click on the top of the window „Create Group“
    2. Enter an appropriate name and add with the the help of the scroll-down menu wall by wall to the group.
    3. Once you have created your group, save it and create the next or go back to the settings.
  8. Brand Your Posts: With a Gold Subscription you can also rename brand name or sender. These brands appear on Facebook and LinkedIn as the sender below your post. They contain a link you can click on, which you can freely define.
    1. Click on „create a brand“
    2. Enter a suitable name
    3. Add a link to the appropriate website or a microsite that you wish to promote to
    4. Save it
  9. Post
    1. Your are now ready to use to post (send) messages (posts) to your social media platforms. But choose the right browser. does work on all devices exactly the same, but not all browsers support all features. For example, Mobile Safari does not have access to the photos in the iPhone or iPad camera roll. For computers, we recommend Firefox and Chrome, for IOS devices iCabMobile (iTunes-Link).
    2. Go back to the main menu and click there on ‚Send messages‘
    3. In the upper part of the send panel you can enter text, upload a photo and shorten a long link.
    4. If you have not uploaded a photo, you can choose in the scroll down menu one of the earlier defined brands, which then appears on Facebook and LinkedIn as the sender of your message. If you have uploaded an image, however, this won’t be allowed by Facebook.
    5. Your text can of any length. A counter below the text input field will help to not exceed the limit at Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
    6. Next, you choose the walls that your message is to be posted – to all, to a certain group or to individual walls. Click on the checkbox(es) to the left respectively.
    7. You can post your message immediately or later. If delayed, you have the time bar (main menu> Timeline), the ability to edit them again later. This function can also be helpful for a team that works together on posts. Other team members can edit a post in the timeline, clients or supervisors can approve them to be sent by defining the date and time.
    8. Since the text is preserved in its window after publishing, you can now modify it and post it on another wall. For example, if it first went on Facebook, you can shorten it now, add a hashtag and post this amended text on Twitter.
    9. LinkedIn allows you to start a discussion in a group by posting to that group(s). This post requires a title for which you have a title field in the send panel.
  10. Clickthrough: Clicking in the send panel on the name of a wall clicks you through, so to say, to this specific wall. You can now see what your friends have posted and perform different functions, that the network permits. In Facebook, for example, you can like or comment, on Twitter retweet, reply, etc.

After you have registered you can test seReive for three days under a Gold Subscription. During this time, you can opt for a subscription by applying for it in the „Account Panel“ (Main Menu> Account). If not, your account will after three days be automatically converted to a free subscription that offers you only a few functions. works on any computer, tablet or smartphone exactly the same.
She has been in operation in late 2009 and was developed by an agency for agency use. Therefore, there is also an attractive partner program for agencies. Click here to learn more.
Click here for the application.
© All rights reserved by seReive GmbH, Zurich

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